Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology committed to improve the quality of students in order to produce graduates who are highly competitive and high value. This commitment is not only on academic but also on the non-academic such as the development of managerial skills, ability to speak English, information technology and other soft skills.


Academic setting will determine the comfort of students in their studies as well as stimulating to the production of a good performance. This can be achieved by improving the quality of students, quality of teaching staff, as well as supporting facilities simultaneously. In addition, the Department of INTP also trying to create a harmonious relationship between all academicians who are members in it.



The srudents of Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology belong to students association namely HIMASITER (Association of Animal Nutrition Students) that has yearly extracurricular program including :

1. Internship Program in several feed industries, animal farm industries, research centers to improve students skill and knowledge, usually conducted during long vacation.

2. Training Program such as feed formulation, feed processing, alfatoxin identification in feed product, feed block production, hay and silage production, etc.

3. Seminar and general studium to improve students conception and knowledge in the national level and to train students conception and knowledge in the national level and to train students in organization.

4. Participation in the competitive grant in the national level such as Students Creativity Program (PKM) offered by Directorate General of Higher Education and other programs.



The Students of department of INTP eligible for scholarship provided by the government and private industries, i.e :

  • Tanoto Foundation
  • Astra International
  • Students Parents Organization (POM)
  • Study Scholarship (BBM)
  • Academic Development Program (PPA)
  • Alumni and Faculty of Animal Science
  • Four Salemba (Salemba Empat)
  • etc.
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