Course syllabus

NTP211 Feedstuff 3 (2-3) : Provides knowledge of feed quality criteria in terms of physical, chemical and feed ingredients as well as the introduction of types of conventional and non-conventional feed and its use in rations for various types of livestock. (M. Ridla, Dr. Ir. M.Agr)

NTP221 Integrated of Nutrition Process 3 (2-3) : Delivering basic knowledge about the application of biochemistry in nutrition science, especially regarding the types of nutrients and metabolic processes in the animal body. (A. Sudarman, Dr. Ir. M.Rur.Sc)

NTP222 Nutrition Physiology 3 (2-3) : Learn about nutrition with physiological approaches ranging from how to get food, processed, absorbed and allocated to the body that need it in related organs (D. A. Astuti, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS)

NTP231 Principles of Animal Nutrition 3 (2-3) : Discussing the development of the science of nutrition, body composition and animal feed, feed intake, nutrient digestibility evaluation, content and partitioning of feed energy, evaluation of the benefits of protein, minerals and vitamins, and nutritional manipulation process needs food substances. (D. M. Suci, Ir. MS)

NTP241 Principles of Pasture Management 3 (2-3) : Discussing the role and development of science and pasture management, factors that influence growth and pasture production, commodity spread biotic natural forage, and the introduction to grass and legume species feed. (P. D. M. H. Karti, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS)

NTP312 Feed Processing Technology 3 (2-3) : Discussing about the objectives, functions and benefits of processing technology, physical  and chemical characteritic  of feed ingredients, the type of feed processing technology classification of processed feed quality standards nationally and internationally,  policy of processing technology and its influence on the quality nutrition, shelf life and optimum usage levels for livestock. (M. Ridla, Dr. Ir. M.Agr)

NTP313 Feed Industry 3 (2-3) : Discussing the scope of fodder industries  ranging from the history of the national and international feed industry development, the production process of grain in mill feed, raw material feed mill, working principles and operation of production machinery include grinding technique , mixing, pelleting exrution and expansion, changes in nutritional value during processing of materials, engineering machinery and equipment maintenance and feed product packaging techniques. (Y. Retnani, Prof. Dr. Ir. MSc)

NTP323 Nutrition Microbiology 3 (2-3) : Learning about the science of nutrition and microbiology applications relating to the science of nutrition and fodder. (Suryahadi, Dr. Ir. DEA)

NTP332 Poultry Nutrition 3 (2-3) : Discussing the development of the poultry industry in Indonesia and the application of poultry nutrition science; role and use of water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins in poultry; nutrient requirements and feeding of consumption and ornamental poultry, feeding techniques in broilers, Growth Layer chicken and production layer chicken. (R. Mutia, Dr.Ir. M.Agr)

NTP333 Dairy Nutrition 3 (2-3) : Explaining knowledge of the problem of animal feed in Indonesia, the pattern of production and composition of milk, milk synthesis, partitioning of nutrients, production response to nutrition, nutritional needs, feeding techniques, metabolic disorders, research of nutritional problems of dairy cattle . (Despal, Dr. S.Pt.M.Sc.Agr)

NTP334 Meat Animal Nutrition 3 (2-3) : Discussing about several aspects of nutrition and non-nutrition which includes the effectiveness and necessity of feeding method and discuss the role of nutrients in produce to beef cattle products to the existing industry business program. (K. B. Satoto, Ir. MS)

NTP342 Science and Pasture Management 3 (2-3) : Discussing  the knowledge  and  management of pasture both pure and  integrated  with food crops and forestry plantations, types of pastures, grazing systems, grazing pressure, pasture damage and repair, pasture supplementation, botanical capacity and composition, forage conservation, infrastructure and facilities associated with the ranch pasture management. (P. D. M. H. Karti, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS)

NTP414 Feed Industry Management 3 (2-3) : Discussing the management aspects of food production, start from process input to the output. (H. A. Sukria, Dr. Ir. M.Sc.Agr)

NTP415 Feed Policy 3 (2-3) : Discussing the criteria and methods of evaluation of feed quality commonly used in the field and manufacturing, total quality management, feed mills  HACCP  standards  and  and feed policy for feed quality control. (E. B. Laconi, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS)

NTP435 Draught and Sport Animal Management 3 (2-3) : Discussing the use of working animals (especially horses and dogs ) in terms of the science of nutrition. (D. Diapari, Dr. Ir. M.Si)

NTP436 Feed Formulation Technique and Information System 3 (2-3) : Providing computer knowledge that can be applied in the field of nutrition science and feedd technology which includes the principles of ration formulation, method of preparation of rations, the model of estimates the nutritional needs of animals and the use of application program in the feed industry. (I. G. Permana, Dr. Ir. MSc.Agr)

NTP445 Forage Planning and Providing 3 (2-3) : Explaining  the knowledge of the concepts of planning, the provision of forage, the characteristics of the region and the development of commercial farms and native farms , methods of measuring the potential of the region, providing forage patterns, cross-sectoral programs, and financing pasture . (M. A. Setiana, Ir. MS)

NTP498 Seminar 1 (0-3)

NTP499 Thesis 6 (0-18)