Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program (S3) Nutrition and Feed Science (INP)

Improvement the needs of human resources (HR) in the field of Nutrition and Feed, increasing along as the development of the livestock industry in Indonesia. Study Program Major Nutrition and Feed Science (PS INP) is obliged to have an active role in producing high quality human resources, both in terms of concept and application.

Study Program Major INP initiated the establishment of Study Program  Animal Science. Study Program Animal Science held from 1975 to 2007 and earned Licensing SK on October 2, 1993 by Decree No. Higher Education. 584/DIKTI/Kep/1993. In accordance with the development of science and the needs of the field of Nutrition and Human Resources in field of Feed , Study Program Major INP was established on March 22, 2007 by Decree No. IPB Rector. 027/K13/PP/2007.


Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of Graduate Program INP


"Making Major INP as a program of excellence in graduate education and world-class research with core competencies in nutrition and feed tropical."



  1. Performing Postgraduate education  to produce a research-based human resources (HR) that is independent, capable of discovering new things, develop and apply science and technology
  2. To be the trend (trend setter) at the development of science and technological innovation, especially in the field of nutrition and feed
  3. To be the activator of development of livestock industry based in the management and utilization of natural resources in a sustainable manner, for the welfare of the Indonesian people and the human race
  4. Disseminating  the results of applied research, review appropriate technology package  and follow the appropriate technology to be used in productive activities and improve the quality of people's lives.



  1. Producing graduates who have an independency and ability in education, research and development in the field of Nutrition and Feed
  2. Resulted in the development of science and new technology innovations that can make use of local natural resources in an optimal and sustainable, thus speeding up the process of reform, development and application of science and technology in the field of nutrition and tropical fodder.


The objectives to be achieved is to meet the needs of  professionals human resources who mastering science and technology in the field of nutrition and advanced feed needed in various universities, research institutions, government agencies and livestock industry

The steps that must be passed by students from registering as a prospective student until completing the study has been made ??clear and transparent through the publication of Standard Operating Procedures (POB). These steps include:  selection system, taking courses, evaluation, qualification exams, making proposals, colloquia, research, commission meetings, seminars, dissertation writing, exam closed and open examination. Through this clear system, the students  and study program can continue to evaluate the progress of their studies.

All the Lecturer of Study Program INP is  derived from the Department of INTP, all of them have doctoral degrees (25 people) and 5 among them have Professor degrees. For supervising the dissertation, Study Program INP also involving faculty from outside the Department of INTP, even from outside the IPB (government and private).

Since 2007, the curriculum used by PS INP was Major-Minor curriculum. Doctoral Program curriculum structure consisting of Major INP: IPB Graduate School Compulsory Course (2 credits), Compulsory Subjects INP Major (27 credits), Major Electives (12 credits) consists of 2, namely Feeding Group and Nutrition Group. Students should select Major Elective Subjects Feeding Group or Nutrition Group. To be graduate Major INP Doctoral Program, students must complete a minimum as much as 41 credits. Doctoral Program Curriculum Major INP made in such a way, so as to answer or meet the needs of nearby communities as well as nationally and internationally. Major INP doctoral students mostly come from the agency that needs to hire a nutritionist or feed, so the two groups the choice of courses meets the needs of students individually or in group

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