Meat And Work Animal Nutrition Laboratory


Leading in the field of Livestock Industry


  • The Modern Higher Education To Generate Qualified and skillful In Use Local Resources and Food Industry in Developing Livestock and Meat Has Work and Entrepreneurship so Soul can Compete in Global Market      * Develop and apply the field of Nutrition Science Meat and Livestock Working Through the Process of Education and Research related to the Line of Meat and Livestock Nutrition Work
  • Increase Responsibility in the Community Services to develop expertise with the Professional Program and related fields and Livestock Nutrition Work

Research Field

  1. Analysis of Chemical, Proksimat, Mineral and van Soest
  2. Research-in in vitro research on livestock ruminansia.
  3. The processing of livestock waste.


Tools are available :

Weights, analytics, oven, furnace, Incubator incubation samples, Waterbath fermentation, vacuum pump, Soklet (fat), Kjedahl, Destilasi Markam, Conway Cup, the waste-processing tool, AAS (Atomic Absorbsion Spektrophotometer), Spektrofotometer, pH meters, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography), ADF NDF Aparatus


Laboratory assistant staff


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