ITP Lab.

Animal Feed Technology Laboratory (ITP)


To be  a leader in developing animal feed science and technology   in an effort to bolster education activities and the maintenance of animals and livestock are effective, efficient, economical, healthy and environmentally friendly.


Developing animal feed science and technology on basic and applied knowledge about the nature of the chemical, physical, economic and biological materials for feed. Creating superior feed products that are safe for both animals and livestock, in order to meet the needs of animal protein for human beings.


Research Field

Short Time

Socialize scope of the research laboratory ITP, to increase the number of research proposals, joint field research, scientific journals in the national accredited

Long Term

Products produced research in the field of animal feed that can be patented and have high value, present and publish the results of research in international journals, making ITP laboratory as an animal  feed study center.

Laboratory assistant staff :

  • Sofyan, S. Si
  • Eneh Maesaroh
  • Welly Sudarsah
  • M. Adang Taufik
  • Dadang


  1. Shuttle processing
  2. The main laboratory
  3. Storage room for feed

Tools used in the laboratory ITP are :


  1. Evaporating Dist
  2. Crusible porcelain
  3. Pumpkin Destruksi
  4. Beaker Glass
  5. Soxlet Extractor, Condensor / Set
  6. Flask Volume

Analysis Support

Electronic Analytical Balance, milling machine Sample, Room acid, Desikator, pliers, tweezers Washing Bottle.

Services analysis can be done :

  1. Proksimat
  2. Mineral
  3. Van Soest
  4. Aflatoxin
  5. Full amino acid
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