Poultry Nutrition Laboratory (INTU)

Facilities and Equipments :

  1. Semi incentives Cages at 6 location (Location : Fapet Field Laboratory block C)
  2. Metabolic Cages
  3. Batray Cages
  4. Animal Feed Container
  5. Water Container
  6. Layer feed container
  7. Small zinc's feed container
  8. Large zinc's feed container
  9. Cage research partition

Laboratory assistant staff

  • Lanjarsih, Amd
  • Enday Sudarya
  • U. Makmur
  • Karya Utama

Research Field

  1. Feed Additive : Poultry additional feedĀ  that is formulated in ransum for the production of meat and eggs are optimal.
  2. Herbs: Use of herbal plants as an alternative replacement for the type of feed plant or materials in forage.
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