Dairy Animal Nutrition Laboratory (INTP)


Making Dairy Animal Nutrition Laboratory as the leading laboratories in the development of Science and Technology in education and development, especially dairy cattle.



  • Develop and apply science and technology in the field of dairy animal nutrition
  • Develop technologies that can increase milk production and quality


The Laboratory consists of :

  1. Spektofotometer room
  2. Practicum room
  3. Technician room, materials andpreparation room
  4. AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) SHIMADZU AA-160 Flame Emition room

Equipments used in the laboratory INTP are :

  1. Weights analytics
  2. Oven 105 ° C
  3. Furnace
  4. Incubator
  5. Waterbath Fermentation
  6. Kjedahl
  7. Markam Destilation
  8. Conway Cup
  9. pHmeter
  10. Sentrifuge
  11. AAS (Atomic Absorbsion Spektrophotometer)


Services analysis can be done in the laboratory of INTP is as follows :

  1. Kecernaan & organic dry materials
  2. VFA
  3. Amonia (NH3)
  4. Mineral Phosphor
  5. Dry material
  6. Dust
  7. Minerals Destruction (Wet ashing)
  8. Minerals analizing by the AAS
  9. pH (acidity level)

Laboratory assistant staff

  • Adi Rukmana, Amd
  • Dian Anggraeni


  • Goal: Development of Science and Technology in the Field of dairy animal

Source of Funds :

Grants Compete Project, Ruth, WAP, OPF, ACIR, LPM-IPB, Due-like Research Grants, and the various sponsors  from overseas and private companies.

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