IMT Lab.


Animal Feed Industry Laboratory have assets that consist of room, machinery manufacturer for animal feed processes and equipment support. Laboratory room is located in the FAPET field laboratory area, Kayu Manis Street, in the campus IPB Darmaga  Bogor with  Extensive buildings around the area of 3002.5 m. Laboratory room of IMT consists of factory space (including warehouse space of raw materials and products, space machinery processing of raw materials and equipment storage space glass), classroom lab, space for workshops and making treatment of feed processing machines, drying materials, administration room, engineers room and toilet.

The field that examined

  • Animal Feed Processing 
    • The form of mash : Forms of Pellet, the form of crumble, the form of wafer
    • The difference in the process
      • Milling machine: the process, the type of material, type of filter
      • Machine mixer : mixability research, mixing time
      • Pellet machine : the time has differences in the sources of food,  smooth processing, quality pellets from the physical test
    • Wafer Machine
  • Machine Lay-out Engineering
    Changes location of the engine in batch or continues
  • Storage of raw materials for feed mills and products so that mash, pellets, crumble and wafer
  • Working efficiency engine from the factory feed reviewed rpm, the engine work, the process of dough ransum various forms has to mash, pellets, crumble and the wafer.

Laboratory assistant staff

1. Hady Prayitno
2. Atip
3. Marianis

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