Agrostology Lab.

Agrostology Laboratory


Agrostology Laboratory of the Faculty of animal Science has been owned since IPB still joined at the University of Indonesia (1960's). Since 1983, the Department of Animal Nutrition and Technology, Faculty of Animal science IPB officially confirm the new name into the Agrostology.  the laboratory name taken from the name of one genus of herbaceous, which is very popular and widely spread, namely Agrostis. Agrostology is a branch of science that  special learn about herbacious from the morphology, identification, classification and distribution to adaptation.



  1. To generate  graduates that have the level of expertise and professionalism in the field of  animal feed plant for livestock forage
  2. Obtaining the results of research and technology innovation in the field of animal feed plant for livestock forage to utilize natural resources in the optimal and sustainable
  3. Developing infrastructure facilities and infrastructure, education and information technology in the field of livestock forage enough animal feed plant quality
  4. Improve national and international association in the community colleges around in the field of feed plant for livestock forage



Becoming the Center of Development and Application of Science in livestock Feed plant based on the strength of the Natural Resources and sustainable development in Animal Husbandry industry.


  • Organizing the Higher Education Research-Based  to Generate a Qualified self-supporting human resources, able to develop and Applying Science and Technology In the field of Animal Husbandry Area
  • Develop Science and Technology Innovation in animal feed plant  became a Industrial-commercial Commodity  orientation with a focus on Quality and Profesionalism.

Laboratory Assistant staff

  • Kusnadi
  • Idris Suryadi
  • Agustinus A, S.Pt
  • Dani Apriandi, Amd


  • Micro Propagation of the Technical Assistance Growth hormone
  • Implementation of mulch as a Source of Nutrition For Organic Growth, Crop Production and Food Network Livestock
  • Utilization Biofertilizer mechanism through symbiosis of fungi and bacteria Land (Microbes)
  • Explore types of water/Forest plants
  • Management through the Feed Crop Integration Patterns with the Livestock  Feed Crop Plantation Forestry, Crop and Food and medicine
  • The Nature of feed Animal Genetic
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