The vision of The NFT department is "to be an international education and research center in the field of tropical feed and nutrition as to prepare human resources with entrepreneurship characteristic". The missions of The NFT study program are : (1) to apply modern higher education to produce high quality graduates who are able to utilize local feedstuffs resources, to develop animal industry, and to increase human resources with entrepreneurship characteristic as to face the globalization era, (2) to apply and develop sciences in the field of tropical nutrition and feed technology through high quality research programs as to support education processes, problem solving related to tropical nutrition and feed technology, and (3) to improve community services by providing high quality experts and programs related to tropical nutrition and feed technology.

The NFT Department coordinates the study program for (1) Bachelor degree (S1), (2) Master degree (S2), and PhD degree (S3) in Nutrition and Feed Science (NFS). In 1998, and following 2003, 2008 and 2013, the NFT study program has been accreditation "A (Decree No. 211/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/X/2013). The NFS study program has been accredited "A" for Master degree (Decree No. 032/BAN-PT/Ak/-XI/S2/I/2012) and PhD degree (Decree No. 017/BAN-PT/Ak-X/S3/XI/2011). Since 2008, the NFT study program has been divided into four divisions namely : (1) Division of Feed Technology and Industry, (2) Division of Nutrient Metabolism and Biosynthesis of Animal Products, (3) Division of Applied Animal Nutrition, and (4) Division of Forage and Pasture Science and Technology (IPB Rector Decree No. 126/13/OT/2008).

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