TPP Division

Science and Technology of Plant Feed
and Pasture Section (TPP)


Development of science, technology and management of  plants, feed and pasture production as a source of animal feed and components of the ecosystem.

The scope

  1. Exploration, exploitation and the domestica of potential plant
  2. Feed plant Ecophysiology
  3. Planning and cultivation of the feed plants and pasture
  4. Provision of forage
  5. Forage breeding
  6. Production of seed feed plants
  7. Repair and renovation of pasture
  8. Planning of garden plant feed
  9. Plants feed's role in the ecosystem of  pasture

Research Focus

  1. Exploration, exploitation and domestica study, the types of potential feed plant
  2. Ecophysiology  study of feed plant
  3. Study of  planning, cultivation,  renovation of garden feed plants, pasturing field and pasture
  4. Study of Provision of forage plant, in cross-sectoral and subsectoral
  5. Study of plant feed breeding
  6. Study of feed plant garden and pasturing field financing
  7. Study of seed production of feed crops
  8. Study of pasture ecosystem in the meadow restoration and rejuvenation
  9. Repair and renovation of the meadow
  10. Study of the animal feed plants role as a feed components of ecosystems, land and waters
  11. Role of feed plants in soil and water conservation

The Staffs

  1. Panca Dewi MHKS, Prof. Dr. Ir. MSi
  2. Luki Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Ir. MSc.Agr
  3. M. Agus Setiana, Ir. MS
  4. Asep Tata Permana, Ir. MSc
  5. Sudarsono Jayadi, Ir. M.Sc
  6. Nurrochmah Kumalasari, SPT, MSi
  7. Iwan Prihantoro, Dr. S.Pt. Msi
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