TIP Division

Technology and the Animal Feed Industry Section (TIP)



Development of science and technology since the feed material harvested until ready in the consumption of livestock, including analysis and physio-chemical evaluation, animal feed management techniques and feed industry and feed policy


  1. Analysis and evaluation of feed physio-chemical (non-nutrients and nutrients) include proximate analysis, van Soest analysis, analysis of amino acids, vitamins analysis, analysis of minerals, and anti-nutritional analysis
  2. Feed Management includes processing and storaging, feed industry management, and feed policies include the standards regulations
  3. Feed industry Techniques include :  feed manufacturing process in the industry for feed
  4. Feed Policies include feed regulations standard

Focus of Research

  1. Physio-chemical study of materials in animal feeds
  2. Study of technology processing and storage of feed materials and animal feed
  3. Study of the production of feed supplements and aditif
  4. Study of the management of feed industry
  5. Study of diversification of products for animal feeds
  6. Study of feed processes industry design
  7. Study of policy of raw materials for feed and animal feeds
  8. Study of quality of feed raw materials and products


  1. M. Ridla, Dr. Ir. M. Agr
  2. Erika B. Laconi, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS
  3. Nahrowi, Prof. Dr. Ir. M.Sc
  4. A. Darobin Lubis, Dr. Ir. M.Sc
  5. Yuli Retnani, Prof. Dr. Ir. MSc
  6. M. Rasyaf, Dr. Ir. MS
  7. Anuraga Jayanegara, Dr. S.Pt M.Sc
  8. Indah Wijayanti , S.TP.MSi
  9. Heri Ahmad Sukria, Dr. Ir. M.Sc
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