MBT Division

Nutrients Metabolism and Animal Product
Biosynthesis Section (MBT)



The development of metabolism of nutrients sciences associated with livestock biosynthesisof high quality product


  1. Rumen microbe stimulation to improve cellulotic enzyme activities and microbial protein production
  2. Mechanism of rumen microbes in the process of toxic and antinutrition detoxification
  3. Microbes/ecology interactions and the relation with the process of metabolism of nutrients in the alimentary tract
  4. Trace and micro  minerals Mechanism and the  integration with other nutrients to produce superior livestock products
  5. Role of fatty acid in the metabolism of hormone
  6. Study of Quantitative of nutrients partition in various organs in animals with different physiological status
  7. Mechanism  of Bio-active compound  to produce superior livestock products and immunostimulant
  8. Development of technical evaluation of the nutrients status in livestock
  9. Exploration of a natural antimicrobe compound and relation to the balance of ecosystem alimentary tract
  10. The role of vitamins in livestock products biosynthesis

Research Focus

  1. Study of metabolism of nutrients to determine the biosynthesis base of superior livestock products with efficiently
  2. Development of  technical research/nutrition laboratory/metabolism at the cellular level and organ
  3. Study of Hydrolitic mechanical process, fermentatif, enzymatic and hormonal process from the utilization of food substances in the body of organisms
  4. Increasing the role of elimentary tract microorganisms  through physiology study and bio-chemistry to improve the efficiency of the use of feed
  5. Study of the provision of feed animal's laboratories that meet standards for research


  1. Toto Toharmat, Prof. Dr. Ir. M.Sc
  2. Asep Sudarman, Dr. Ir. Mrur.Sc
  3. Dewi Apri Astuti, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS
  4. Jajat Jachja, Dr. Ir. M. Agr
  5. Sri Suharti, Dr. S.Pt. M.Si
  6. Sumiati, Dr. Ir. M.Sc
  7. Suryahadi, Dr. Ir. DEA
  8. Anita S. Tjakradidjaja, Ir. Mrur.Sc
  9. Widya Hermana, Dr. Ir. M.Si
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