The story from Siti Nurjanah, student of Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, the participants of Student Exchange in Sendai-Japan ." This experience was the first round for me. First time abroad and first felt the student exchange activities. The program which I have been followed for one semester was JYPE (Junior Year Program in English) from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. The first day I arrived in Japan in September 2012, which was at that time still aki (autumn) so it was the first time for me to see trees with colorful leaves or called momiji. This year, the students who attended the JYPE program come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Venezuela, and from several European countries. Students who came from Indonesia for this program consist five people, including me .Really amazing to have the opportunity to make friends with students from other parts of the world. We can learn from each other about the personality and character from various countries."

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Located in the Seminar Room of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology Department [18/01/2013] have lasted inauguration Board Himasiter Period 2012/2013. The event was preceded by a General Meeting of Members (RUA) was attended by Board Himasiter Period 2011/2012, the New Board Himasiter Period 2012/2013, supervisor of the student, Dr. Anuraga Jayanegara and Head of Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Dr . Idat Galih Permana. In his speech Head of Department congratulated to Achmad Zainuri (INTP 47) who has been elected as Head of Himasiter period 2012/2013 and would like to thank Fichar Muzakki (INTP 46) who has successfully led Himasiter in the period 2011/2012.

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