Feed Formulation Training (FFT) an annual event held by the Student Association of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology (Himasiter) under the direct coordination of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bogor Agricultural University. FFT activities held on 23 November 2013. FFT housed in the Faculty of Animal Husbandry courtroom with the theme "Creating Forage Quality for the Advancement of Animal Husbandry and World Food Security". In accordance with the objectives of the FFT program utilized the knowledge and ability to formulation of feed, participants come from academia, business, feed industry staff, staff of government agencies and farmers from various regions in Indonesia.

The participants FFT 2013 registered in the registration section directed to conduct booth photo sessions for the yearbook. FFT 2013 guided by Achmad Zainuri as MC followed remarks from the Chief Executive FFT 2013 by Fransiska Rahmadani and Chair of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology Department, Prof. Dr. Ir. Panca Dewi MHK, M.Si, officially opened FFT activities in 2013, she said that knowledge of feed formulation was very important and she also hoped that the participants can bring their knowledge to their respective areas and apply them to the public.

Feed Formulation Training 2013 presents highly skilled trainers in their field. In the first session filled by Prof. Dr. Ir. Nahrowi, M.Sc (Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Feed Scientist and Nutritionist) emphasized on the importance of feed efficiency and local feed quality. Second session, the trainer was Dr. Ir. Suryahadi, DEA (Head of CENTRAS of Bogor Agricultural University) with the topic "Production and Commercialization of Probiotics". The next session filled by WiraWisnu, S.Pt (PT Trow Nutrition Indonesia) on optimizing feed efficiency with the use of a quality premix. The participants very enthusiastic with the materials presented by speakers with a discussion session at the end of each delivery of material and gave souvenirs.

After lunch together, followed by the fourth session which is culmination of Feed Formulation Training in 2013, namely the training of arrangement of the feed formulations using feed software. The fourth session opened with the delivery of feed formulation techniques using Winfeed software by Tekad Urip, S.Pt (Graduate of Bogor Agricultural University) and followed by Ir. Jopijanto P., MM (Brilliant Alternative Country Manager) about feed arrangement technique using Brill to achieve nutritional balance of feed at an affordable price. In this session, all participants practiced to arrange feed formulation using Brill software accompanied by the tutor who came from Graduate Student of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Bogor Agricultural University. The whole event officially closed by giving souvenir to the participants of FFT 2013.

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