Over time with the increased number of the world population, followed by increased of per capita income of Indonesia population, it has affected for demand of livestock commodities. Demand of livestock commodities always continued to increase, have to followed by the increased of production and the improvement of human resources involved in it. The increased of livestock production and quality can be done by improved livestock production management, feed management, animal health care, even to the downstream industries required to be more professional in order to achieve optimal production. While, to improved the quality of human resources can be done through the provision of knowledge to the farmers and other parties concerned.

Development of the technology in the world required the expertise of the farmers in mastering the technology that supports the productivity and profitability of farm businesses, particularly for the middle and upper farm entrepreneurs, researchers, academia, and governments. Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology together with Student Association of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology conducted training "Feed Formulation Training 2013: Creating Feed Quality for the Advancement of Animal Husbandry and Food Security" used Brill Management System software, schedule this event:

Day/Date: Saturday, 23th of November 2013

Time: 07.30 am - 04.00 pm

Place: Meeting Room of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology

Topic training:

· Introduction of Feed Ingredients

· Feed Formulation with Least Cost and Balance Nutrition Ration using Brill Management System

· Premix Quality

· Production and Commercialisation of Probiotics


Prof. Dr. Ir. Nahrowi, M.Sc (Secretary General of the Association of

Feed Scientist and Nutritionist Indonesian)

Ir. Jopiyanto, MM (Brill Alternative Country Manager)

Wira Wisnu, S.Pt, M.Si (PT. Trouw Nutrition)

Dr. Ir. Suryahadi, DEA (Head of CENTRAS of Bogor Agricultural University)

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