Agrostologi expedition with the theme " Diversity Exploration Forage Feed " in Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi was an activity of inventory of the forage type available in the areas with different topography. Held on October 19th-20th 2013, followed by 21 students of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bogor Agricultural University and 3 lecturers, Prof. Dr. Ir. Panca Dewi MHK, M.Si, Dr. Iwan Prihantoro M.Si, Ir. M. Setiana Agus, MS, and Augustinus S.Pt (technician). The purpose of this activity includes (1) increase the knowledge of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology student on feed forage nutrition, (2) increase the ability of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology students to know various types of feed forage that can be used as animals feed, (3) strengthen relationships between Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology students. This expedition was the peak event before gone to expedition in Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi.

Expedition participants were required to attend a series of training activities, such as training to introduce the forage, made herbarium, the Global Positioning System (GPS) training, and the training of sampling methods. After that, we went to Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi for the peak event. The expedition includes sampling and inventory of forages species diversity which have the potential to be developed as feed forages. Sampling activities conducted in three places, namely the area of rubber and oil plm plantations, and also beach area. Inventory method in rubber and oil palm plantations using size 20x20 m plots consisting of five plot sized of 2x2 m.

Figure 1. Forage inventory in oil palm land, Sukabumi

The third activities of forages inventory at Ujung genteng, Sukabumi.
This activity was the inventory of forage in coastal areas that classified into three belt (Restrictions/belt). Three limitations of this inventory incuded belt region 1 (the beach areas to the boundary pairs), belt 2 (coastal areas that not exposed to ocean tides) and belt 3 (areas that have soil types without sand beach). Types of plants found in the three areas identified the types of species and know the characteristics of plants based its substrates life. With the inventory of forage in areas that have the difference in characteristics of topography and soil expected to be a step to explore the wealth of natural resources, in the areas of forages especially grass as a first step to find the potential of local forage. The expedition results of the exploratory forages at Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi can be issued in the form of a scientific paper. The expedition of agristologi continuously improved to broaden science knowledge in the field of animal nutrition and feed technology.  The liveliness of students to broaden knowledge, was very useful to enhance the confidence to their competence.

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