Seminars and student meeting held on January 30th, 2013 at UiTM Perlis as the culmination of an internship . A total of eight papers were presented in front of the audience who came from delegates of SEAASS - Net Indonesia, University of Technlogy MARA Perlis (Perlis UiTM), University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), and University Putra Malaysia (UPM) .

Here is the title of the paper and a list of names of presenters who delivered“Kunak as A Unique Model of Integrated Dairy Farm System in Indonesia” by Acep Usman Abdullah (IPB), Dicky Tri Utama (IPB), and Dayang Siti Hanizah (IPB),  “The General Condition of Poultry in Indonesia” by Amalia Ikhwanti (IPB), Hafidz Ilman Albana (IPB), and Shufia El Tsaura Ahmadi (IPB), “Pastoral System and Modified Three Strata System in Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia” by Efi Novita Yani (Unja), Frandy Febrianthoro (Unila), and Hasbi Ibkar Assidiqi (Unsoed), “Beneficials and Impacts of Cattle Integration in Oil Palm Plantation” by Joshua M. (UiTM Perlis) and Mohammad Hasnul H. (UiTM Perlis), “Green Aquaculture” by Syafinaz Shamsudin (UiTM Perlis), “Evaluation of Performance Potential in Kedah Kelantan (KK) Cattle (Bos indicus) In Tanah Merah Nucleus Herd” by Dr. Haji Adnan Bin Ismail (UMK), “Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock” by Alageasan Ali Dhayalan (UMS), dan “Temperature and Dairy Cattle Observation” by Aimi Nabilah Hussein (UPM).The seminar was attended by the Director of Student Affairs Dr. Rimbawan, Vice Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry bogor Agricultural University  Dr. Moh .Yamin, Advisor of SEAASS-Net Dr. Idat Galih Permana, Director of the internship program UiTM Perlis Mohammad Amizi Ayob, and other lecturers of UiTM Perlis, UMK, and UMS . The seminar continued wth Student Meeting filled by a presentation about SEAASS-Net by Amalia Ikhwanti (Director of SEAASS - Net) and the discussion was moderated by Acep Usman. One of the outputs of this session was the election of UMS to host 2nd Annual Meeting of SEAASS-Net which will be held next year in Sabah, Malaysia . The student meeting ended with the signing of SEAASS-Net membership by representatives of all universities attended this event.

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