A total of 18 animal husbandry students from various universities in Indonesia belonging to the Indonesia SEAASS - Net delegation (South East Asia Animal Science Student Networking) followed the series of activities of 1st Annual Meeting of SEAASS-Net and Internship Program at UiTM Perlis Malaysia for two weeks. This delegation carried the main mission to introduce (launching) SEAASS- Net to the international community. The series of activities organized by the host University of Technology MARA Perlis (UiTM Perlis) was composed of internship, seminars, student meetings, cultural night, excursion, and woodball game that started from January 20th to February 3rd, 2013 .

Participants of this activity consists of fifteen elected student of Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bogor Agricultural University and six of them including the founder of SEAASS-Net were Acep Usman Abdullah, Achmad Zainuri, Amalia Ikhwanti, Dayang Siti Hanizah Binti Datu Abdul Kadir, Hafidz Ilman Albana, dan Winda Ayu Pangesti. Nine other animal husbandry students from Bogor Agricultural University were Alhidayat, Anandya Dara Wahyu Poerinanti, Dicky Tri Utama, Ikhwan Ibnu Arbi, Nuke Anglia Pramesti, Rifqi Waluyo Djati, Saeroni, Shufia El Tsaura Ahmadi, and Widia Agustin Leovansa. Students from outside Bogor Agricultural University that participated in this program were Efi Novita Yani from University of Jambi (Unja), Frandy Febrianthoro from University of Lampung (Unila), and Hasbi Ibkar Assidiqi from University of Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed).

The participants were following the field visits to government institutions and private sector engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture which was around Perlis and Kedah. A total of six major institutions be the destination of the visit during the internship period, which is industry-kelulut Merbok Kedah, Collection Centre Results Freshwater Fisheries Perlis, Project Integration Ranch Felda, Stesen Kuarantin Animal-Padang Besar Perlis, Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) Sayak Island, and Feedlot and Integration Changlun. Before leaving for the field, the participants were given a short lecture (briefing) about the fundamentals science about the field that will be visited to optimize the field trip every day. In addition to the field visits, the participants also visited the laboratories at Campus of UiTM Perli.

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