The story from Siti Nurjanah, student of Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, the participants of Student Exchange in Sendai-Japan ." This experience was the first round for me. First time abroad and first felt the student exchange activities. The program which I have been followed for one semester was JYPE (Junior Year Program in English) from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. The first day I arrived in Japan in September 2012, which was at that time still aki (autumn) so it was the first time for me to see trees with colorful leaves or called momiji. This year, the students who attended the JYPE program come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Venezuela, and from several European countries. Students who came from Indonesia for this program consist five people, including me .Really amazing to have the opportunity to make friends with students from other parts of the world. We can learn from each other about the personality and character from various countries."

Living a life in Japan was certainly a lot of ups and downs. One of the things that became obstacles here, especially for Muslims was getting halal food and beverages. Halal foods and beverages can be easily identified from the composition, but all list in the composition of food and beverages used Japanese characters which was mostly kanji. Another interesting thing was different prayer time from Indonesia, especially in the winter.

Tohoku University had five campuses, namely Kawauchi, Amamiya, Aobayama, Katahir, and Seiryo. The distance between the campus is quite far away, the transportation which was often used by the student was a bicycle, but because the snow was thick ths time (25-30 cm), the transportation to go to college was a bus. Beside following to the lectures, the main activities of the program (JYPE)was Individual Research Training, every student was placed in a laboratory in accordance with their respective fields. All the courses I took were on campus Kawauchi , while labs are on campus Amamiya with the distance of forty minutes by foot.

In Japan, every student who was a member in the laboratory had its own table, so that most of the activity was spent in the laboratory workbench. Now I am in a laboratory under the guidance of Prof. Masaaki Toyomizu in Animal Nutrition Laboratory. Science provision of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology is very useful here, especially the sciences that I got when having practical class. Here, everything has to be done alone, analysis, taking care of chickens, cleaning cages and needs, amd making their food. Skills and knowledge were really needed. For example, in making the feed, in addition to the feed formulation which should be made carefully, the science of mixing feed must be kept in mind. Sometimes I regret when remembered the practice that I follow were not serious, but knowledge was really needed to support my research activities." ( Continued)

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