Study Program Nutrition and Feed Technology (NFT), Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Science IPB obtain international accreditation of the ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance (AUN-QA). Obtaining this accreditation as evidence that the quality of the NFT study program has been recognized internationally, especially within ASEAN.

Department of NFT has met the accreditation criteria AUN-QA highly comprehenship which includes dimensions: 1) quality of inputs, 2) quality of the process and 3) quality of output. AUN-QA accreditation assessment consists of 15 criteria, namely: Expected Learning Outcomes, Program Specification, Program Structure and Content, Teaching and Learning Strategy, Student Assessment, Academic Staff Quality, Support Staff Quality, Student Quality, Student Advice and Support, Facilities and Infrastructure, Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning Process, Staff Development Activities, Stakeholder Feedback, Output, and Stakeholder Satisfaction. [intp/igp]

Dr. Lilis Khotijah

On February 24th, 2014 in the meeting room of the Faculty of Animal Science IPB, a final doctoral examination has been conducted. Dr. Lilis Khotijah, a staf member of Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology has successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Reproductive performance and lamb survival of prolific sheep with addition of sunflower oil as a source of linoleic acid" under supervisor of Prof. Komang G. Wiryawan, Prof. Dewi Apri Astuti and Prof. M. Agus Setiadi. As external examiners were Prof. Budi Haryanto and Dr. Idat Galih Permana.

In her dissertation, Dr. Lilis explained that the use of fatty acid linoleic from sunflower oil can increase female reproductive of garut sheep, as evidenced by the increasing prolific lambs, the ewe body condition is better, the profile of milk fatty acid and increased survival lamb. Congratulations Dr. Lilis. [igp]

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