Current research

Ongoing project: 

Modeling glycerine supplementation on beef and dairy cattle (T. M. Syahniar)

Modeling effect of carbohydrate fractions on silage quality (B. Wardiman)

Modeling chitosan addition on rumen fermentation (R. P. Harahap)

Modeling butyrate addition on in ovo feeding of poultry (R. Krisnan)

Modeling ractopamine addition on beef cattle performance and meat quality (A. M. Kasenta)

Modelling flavonoid effect on production performance of broilers (T. R. Prihambodo)

Modelling tannin effect on nematode infection in ruminants (D. M. Sinaga)

Completed project: 

Modeling MCFA supplementation on methane emission in vitro and in vivo (Y. R. Yanza)

Modeling tannin effect on silage quality (T. U. P. Sujarnoko)

Modeling Zn supplementation on poultry performance and immunity (C. Hidayat)

Modeling 3-nitrooxypropanol addition on methane emission of ruminants (K. A. Sarwono)

Modelling energy and protein requirements of sheep in Indonesia (A. Jayanegara)