//Winner Announcement of Student Competition on Nutrition and Feed Technology (NUFeT 2020)

Winner Announcement of Student Competition on Nutrition and Feed Technology (NUFeT 2020)

In the end of The International Online Short Course Program, the committee announced all of winner of Student Competition on Nutrition and Feed Technology.  There were 4 categories, i.e.: Best Paper, Best Presentation, Best Photo and Best Video.

Best Paper
Winner 1: Group 10 Dessy Permata (IPB University), Dara Nur Shabrina (IPB University)
Title: Revegetation Forage Plants Managements on Post-Tin Mining Land
Winner 2: Group 05 Salwa Salsabila HF (IPB University), Musa Bintang Alhamidi (IPB University)
Title: Integration of Dairy Cattle – Sweet corn as diversification of agricultural products
Winner 3: Group 02 Sandi Nayohan (IPB University), Catur Indah Yuliani (University of Jenderal Soedirman)
Title: HI-FEED: Animal Feed Formulation Android-Based Applications and Big Data as Efforts to Support Local Farms Dealing with Potential for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Best Presentation
Winner 1: Group 11 Iqbal Aushafa Dzaky F F (IPB University), Rizky Nadia (IPB University), Salsabila (Sebelas Maret University)
Title: Increased Value of Rice Bran Protein with the Additional of Daphnia sp.
Winner 2: Group 15 Reynald D. Amido (Philippine Carabao Center), Zahra Nur Asyifa (IPB University), Lintang Dewi Kinanthy (IPB University)
Title: Tropical Feed Resources for Livestock Animals in Indonesia and in the Philippines
Winner 3: Group 18 Raudhoh Gholia Sakinah (IPB University), Davin Liuz (IPB University), Charity I. Castillo (Philippine Carabao Center)
Title: The Viability of Indigofera Forage as Tropical Feed for Water Buffalo

Best Photograph
Gold – Winner 1: Muhammad Syarif S. (Andalas University) title — Mojosari Ducks
Silver – Winner 2: Shalwa Salsabila (IPB University) title — A Fast Cattle Market
Bronze – Winner 3: Ridhoni Khoirul Anam (IPB University) title — Selepan

Best Video
Winner 1: Suci Desraini (UIN SUSKA Riau) — title: The Face of People’s Farm in Pekanbaru
Winner 2: Nadya Zahra Rahmadilla (IPB University) — title: Introduction Video
Winner 3: Salsabila (Sebelas Maret University) — title: Introduction Video

Congratulation for all of you….